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About Studio Marrie


The Origin

Studio Marrie actually originated out of the love for textiles and basically everything you can do with textiles. Through studies and internships I actually found my way into the world of textiles. My first internship was in the interior design industry where I worked with curtains in the luxury segment. The different fabrics, textures, colors and patterns always made me enthusiastic and I immediately started thinking about what else I could do with fabrics. That's why I actually switched from the interior design side to the fashion side. I learned to draw patterns and sew and made my own garments for the first time and knew then that I wanted to do more in fashion.


Marijn Vonhof

Brand Value

As a man, shopping is often not very interesting, t-shirts, sweaters and pants that are the same in almost all stores is often not very inspiring. If you want to express yourself through clothing as a man, this is often a lot more difficult than for women because the range is much smaller. Studio Marrie mainly focuses on clothing that is slightly different from the normal range and offers minimalism, elegance and diversity. We take into account that it is important that clothing should not only look good but also fit comfortably. In addition, it is important that we as a label contribute to a better world and always try to make sustainable choices.


What makes us different?

  • Studio Marrie's clothing often contains techniques such as pleating and generally has Japanese characteristics, which you generally do not see often in the Netherlands.

  • It is possible to have personal items designed/produced.

  • Entering into collaborations with other designers/creatives to design unique items.

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